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1. Object

The purpose of these Terms and conditions is to define the conditions under which the service Orange Travel accessible on the website is offered to any user of the Website. This Service allowing the Customer to recharge with communication credit a prepaid SIM card or eSIM card or to buy a prepaid eSIM card.

The objective is to define the conditions under which Orange Link provides the Customer with the Service, and the conditions under which the Customer recharges the prepaid SIM/eSIM cards or buys the eSIM cards of the partner Carriers of Orange Travel.

Using the Service in order to recharge a prepaid SIM card/eSIM cards or to buy an eSIM cards as well as any other use on this Website, the Customer fully accepts these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

2. Definitions

“Service” means the Service which enables to buy Orange prepaid eSIM cards and recharge SIM and eSIM Cards. The Service is offered to the Customer through the online website

“Customer” means the person who orders and pays the Service in order to buy an eSIM card or recharge a SIM Card or an eSIM Card

“Carriers” means partners with which Orange Link SAS has signed contracts and undertaken technical connections allowing the reselling of their SIM Cards, eSIM Cards and recharges

“Credit” means communication credit which is transferred on a SIM card or eSIM Card to recharge it and to allow the Customer to communicate. For most Carriers, the credit unit is the local currency of the country in which the Operator operates. This amount, hereinafter referred to as the “Face Value”, corresponds to the recharge that is actually credited and made available to the Customer.

“SIM Card” (Customer Identity Module) means an ISO smart card (SIM) or any reduced-size card being either a Micro SIM or a Nano SIM that plugs into the terminal and allows access to mobile communications services and user identification on the network.

“eSIM Card” means a SIM profile loaded on an embedded and non-removable SIM card inside a mobile device, that can accommodate multiple SIM profiles, allowing access to mobile communication services.

3. Description and Terms of Service

Orange Link SAS does not provide a telecommunication service and is only a reseller of Credit of communication or of eSIM Cards from the Carriers. Communication credits recharged and eSIM Cards are services from the Carriers, Orange Link SAS cannot be held responsible of any default using these services. Disputes relating to the quality of the service, the number of minutes or any other telecommunications service provided by the Carrier, the cost, the validity period of the Credit or any other condition of the Mobile telecommunications Credit must be processed directly with the Carrier. The Carrier provides the Customer with a telephone assistance service available twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week and during the three hundred and sixty-five (365) days of the year.

4. Recharge, order and payment conditions

1. eSIM Cards purchase

The Website only allows purchase eSIM Card of Carriers which have signed an agreement with Orange Link SAS. The list of Carriers available can change without notice.

The use of the eSIM Cards and related offers is subject to the terms and conditions of Carriers, available on the Website.

2. Recharge conditions

The Website allows to recharge the SIM Cards/Esim Cards of Carriers which have signed an agreement with Orange Link SAS. The list of Carriers available can change without notice.

The recharge does not have a monetary value. It is neither exchangeable nor refundable. The amount of minutes, SMS, data vary depending on the conditions offered by the Carriers and can be changed without notice. The Carriers may also apply any type of charges, such as taxes or other, without prior notice, thereby reducing the credit reloaded. Orange Link SAS is not responsible for these modifications.The value of the recharge may be subject to change in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Carrier. Orange Link SAS is in no way responsible for the terms and conditions applied by the Carriers or for any change in them.
Once the Credit or the eSIM Card has been loaded, the use of telephone communications credit is then normally governed by the pre-existing contractual conditions between the Customer and Carrier of which he is a client. In particular, the validity period of each recharge is defined by the Carrier

3. Order conditions

As an intermediary, Orange Link SAS takes the Customer order to benefit from eSIM cards or recharges. To recharge a SIM Card or a profile SIM card of eSim Card, the customer has to follow the process below:

● Select his SIM Card/eSIM Card offer

● Select the recharge

● Pay the recharge chosen

The price displayed includes VAT. The Customer must then enter the information relating to his means of payment necessary for the smooth running of the online payment as described in Article 4.3 below. Finally the customer must confirm his purchase by clicking on the button “Pay with credit card”

Through this action, the Customer gives irrevocable mandate to Orange Link SAS to recharge his SIM Card or eSIM Card in accordance with Article L. 132-2 of the Monetary and Financial Code. By communicating his banking information at the time of the sale, the Customer authorizes Orange Link SAS to debit his card of the amount indicated. The Customer confirms that he is the legal holder of the card to be debited and that he is legally entitled to use it. In case of error, or inability to debit the card, the sale is immediately canceled.

When the customer confirms the purchase, Orange Link SAS performs the process of debiting the Customer and reloading the SIM Card/eSIM Card. Once completed, the Customer cannot cancel this reload process. Any SIM card recharge is final without possibility of refund or exchange. The Customer is fully responsible for indicating without error the SIM card number to recharge.

4. Payment conditions

Payment must be made by credit card or by any other means specified on the Website. Any means of payment can be added under the sole responsibility of Orange Link SAS. Orange Link SAS reserves the right to reject the order of a Customer who has had recurring payment problems.

5. Prices
The prices of the services mentioned on the website, which are inclusive of all taxes, are those in force during the validation of the order by the Customer. The content and the prices of the Services are subject to change according to the evolution of the Carriers offers and of the exchange rates of the respective currencies of the countries in which the Carriers have established their activity.

5. Limitations

The customer is informed that Orange Link SAS applies the following rules for the use of the service:
– Maximum daily amount: € 60
– Monthly maximum amount: € 120
– Number of successful transactions per day: 5
– Number of successful transactions per month: 12
– Credit Cards valid on Website: Visa and MasterCard; Invalid Credit Cards: business cards

In addition, Orange Link SAS may suspend the use of the Service by the Customer in the event of fraud or attempted fraud

6. Cancellation of a validated order

If a recharge fails after validation of the order whatever the reason (SIM number not recognized, technical incident …), the order will be canceled. The Customer’s payment will also be canceled. An e-mail will be sent to the Customer to notify him about his order and payment cancellation.

7. Renunciation of right of withdrawal

As the Recharge is an immediate service, and in accordance with Article L.221-28-1 ° of the Consumer Code, the customer expressly agrees to waive the right of withdrawal within the time limit of 14 days, provided that the use of the recharge has begun before the expiration of the said period of 14 days. Acceptance of the immediate start of the provision of the Service and the express waiver of the right of withdrawal is formalized upon validation of the order. As a result, purchases of recharges are firm and final. They cannot therefore give rise to exchange, refund or the exercise of a right of withdrawal.

8. Liability

Orange Link SAS and the Carriers will make their best efforts to ensure the best availability and quality of the Service. Carriers will endeavor to keep the Service accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. However, Carriers reserve the right, in particular for maintenance reasons, to temporarily suspend access to the Service without notice. This interruption cannot give rise to any compensation for the Customer. Carriers shall put in place the means necessary for the smooth running of the Service. They shall take the necessary measures to maintain continuity and quality of service. However, the Carriers shall not be liable in case of “force majeure” events under the Court of Cassation sense. The Carrier shall under no circumstances be liable to repair any indirect damage suffered by the Customer in connection with the use of the Service. The liability of the Carriers for any reason whatsoever may be incurred only in the case of a fault proved in the execution of the services duly ordered by the Customer. Carriers’ liability in the event of partial or total breach of their own contractual obligations is limited to the amount of the price received by Carriers. Finally, the Carriers are released from any responsibility for the use of the credit card which falls under the contract between the Customer and the Customer’s bank.

The website is usually available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, Orange Link SAS reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to the site for site maintenance and repair. It is recalled that Orange Link SAS does not provide mobile telecommunications services and acts only as a reseller. Therefore Orange Link SAS cannot guarantee that the mobile services provided by the Carriers will be executed without any defects or interruption and cannot be held responsible for the performance or the quality of these mobile services.

9. Registration

In order to benefit from the Service, the Customer must create an account. When creating an account, Customer must provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information as requested on the registration form. The Customer certifies that the information provided is accurate and complete and agrees to update it if necessary.

Once registered, the Customer receives a user name and password and is fully responsible for any activity occurring under his account, including unauthorized use of his credit card. The Customer must immediately notify any unauthorized use of his account through the customer service by clicking on the “contact us” button on the website

The customer must be over 18 years old to use the Service. Orange Link SAS cannot be held responsible for use by Customers who have violated this rule.
As a result, minors must obtain authorization from their parents (or persons with parental authority over the minor) to purchase the Service.

10. Customer Service and Claims

– For any question or information concerning these Terms and Conditions or the Service, the Customer can contact our customer service by clicking on the “contact us” button on the website

– Any complaint must be sent to Orange Link SAS no later than one month from the date of the event and sent by mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the following address:

Orange Link SAS
Customer service
12 rue Rouget de Lisle
92130 Issy-Les-Moulineaux

Requests must include the following:

  • The date and time of the order,
  • The transaction reference,
  • The user account information,
  • The recharged SIM number or the eSIM individual number
  • The specific reason for the claim.

11. Right of access to personal data

Orange Link SAS collects personal data related to the Customer. Please refer to the information notice on data protection accessible here for more information

This collection allows Orange Link SAS to process the order but also to improve or send information about its services. By using the services of Orange Link SAS, any customer accepts, on the one hand, the processing of his data and, on the other hand, to receive free commercial offers.

In accordance with articles 38, 39 and 40 of law no. 78-17, the French Data Protection Act (Loi Informatique, Fichiers et Libertés) of 6 January 1978 (Law No. 78-17), modified by the Ordinance n°2018-1125 of December 12, 2018 taken in application of article 32 of law n°2018-493 of June 20, 2018 relating to the protection of personal data and amending law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing and Article 4, 7 and 11 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016, the customer has the right to object, access, rectify and delete any of his personal data obtained by Orange Link SAS when using the Service.

To do so, please send your request to the customer service by clicking on the “contact us” button on the website or to the address mentioned in article

12. Cookies

We inform the customer that during his visits on the Website, one or more “cookies” can be installed automatically on his computer. A cookie is a small file saved on the client’s hard disk. This file does not identify the client in a nominative way, but saves certain information related to its browsing (pages viewed, date and time of the consultation, IP address, etc …). The information collected is used notably for statistical purposes. Such data shall not be passed on to third parties, but in the event of unlawful conduct on the website or a request from a judicial authority, such data may be communicated to the courts.

13. Applicable Law and Disputes

These General Conditions of Sale are subject to French law.

Subject to the application of the provisions of article 48 of the New Code of Civil Procedure, in case of dispute concerning the interpretation, execution and / or validity of the present terms and conditions, express jurisdiction is attributed to the Courts of PARIS.

14. Legal information

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