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This privacy policy applies to customers who purchased a SIM/eSIM card or a top-up on This privacy policy does not apply to third party sites to which links or to sites that advertise on These third-party websites have their own privacy policies which we encourage you to review. Your Personal Data is collected and processed in accordance with the French law “Information Technology and Civil Liberties” of January 6, 1978, as modified by the law of August 6, 2004.

Collection of Personal Information

Personal information about you is collected when you register and use Orange Travel services, when you send an email, call, or otherwise interact with us. When you use Orange Travel services, certain information is also collected that may be associated with your personal information, such as the cell phone numbers associated with the prepaid cell phone account that you top up when you use the Orange Travel services.

Use of Personal Data

Your personal data is used in the context of the execution of Orange Travel services (such as orders you place, Orange Travel invoices, verification of your identity, responses to your support requests).

We may also contact you by email or SMS to inform you about Orange Link SAS products or services, you can choose not to receive this type of information by contacting us at

Your personal data is collected by Orange Link SAS for the sole purpose of processing your order on on behalf of Orange Link SAS, in no case will it be communicated to third parties.

To exercise your rights of access, rectification, and deletion of your personal data, please contact us at


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Orange Link Privacy Policy – January 2010 (updated: December 2014)

Orange Link undertakes, within the framework of its activities and in accordance with the legislation in force in France and in Europe, to ensure the protection, confidentiality, and security of the personal data of the users of its services, and to respect their privacy.

The commitments described in this Charter are in line with the values, principles of action and principles of individual behavior described in the Group’s Code of Ethics and complement Orange’s commitments to protect personal data and privacy.

To ensure that they are properly applied, Orange has appointed a Data Protection Correspondent (CIL), who is a specialist in the protection of personal data, both within Orange and in its relations with the National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL).

1. Orange Link collects the personal data of its customers and prospects in a fair and transparent manner.

  • Orange Link will not collect personal data without informing the individuals concerned.
  • Orange Link collects such data to provide the services requested by its customers, to meet its customer and prospect management needs, and informs them of the use made of it.
  • Orange Link ensures the relevance of the personal data collected to better know its customers and to ensure a quality service.
  • Orange Link informs Internet users of the placement of cookies and other tracers on the sites it publishes.

2. Orange Link uses personal data collected during its business activities.

  • Orange Link ensures the confidentiality of the personal data entrusted to it and, as soon as services, sites and applications are designed, respects the principles of data protection.
  • Orange Link uses the personal data of its customers to authenticate them, to provide them with the service they have subscribed to and to offer them services adapted to their needs.
  • Orange Link only communicates personal data to its authorized service providers and ensures that they respect strict conditions of confidentiality, use and protection of this data.
  • Orange Link will not disclose personal data to commercial partners without informing its customers and offering them the possibility of exercising their right of opposition.
  • Orange Link may use customer data that has been anonymized for statistical purposes

3. Orange Link takes the necessary measures to ensure the security of personal data.

  • Orange Link implements security measures appropriate to the sensitivity of the personal data to protect it from malicious intrusion, loss, alteration, or disclosure to unauthorized third parties.
  • Orange Link guarantees the security of information exchanged during transactions or payment actions.
  • Orange Link grants access to its information system only to those persons who need it to perform their duties.
  • Orange Link makes its employees aware of the protection of personal data made available to them in the course of their duties and ensures that they comply with the rules in force and the company’s code of ethics.
  • Orange Link conducts audits to verify the proper operational application of these rules
  • Orange Link requires its service providers to comply with its security principles.

4. Orange Link respects the retention periods for personal data.

  • Orange Link limits the retention of personal data to the period defined by law or as declared to the CIL.
  • Orange Link undertakes to delete the data from its databases at the end of this period.

5. Orange Link informs its customers and prospects of their rights with respect to personal data.

  • Orange Link informs them of the possibility of exercising their rights of access, communication and rectification of information concerning them, as well as their right of opposition for legitimate reasons.
  • Orange Link informs them of their right to oppose commercial prospecting operations.

6. Orange Link informs and advises its customers to protect their privacy.

  • Orange Link makes its customers, and in particular parents, aware of the possible risks concerning information that they would make public and that, if misused, could harm their privacy and their image (blogs, forums, social networks, etc.).
  • Orange Link offers its customers appropriate technical means to protect them from possible malicious acts, through parental control and Orange Link antivirus.
  • Orange Link takes measures to limit the intrusive actions of third parties (spam…) and informs about electronic attacks (phishing, viruses, information theft…)

Orange Link may be required to modify this Charter at any time, due to:

  • the introduction of new services or new technologies
  • changes in the legislative and regulatory framework

In the interest of transparency, Orange Link invites its visitors to consult this page as often as they wish to be aware of any changes.

Our complete privacy policy and practical advice can be found on the website: